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Contract Engineering

Not everyone can allocate vast resources to meet their design needs. For those who need work on a limited task, read on.

Microtherm can also provide engineering on an hourly or weekly scale. Perhaps for a simple program in Visual Basic, or maybe just some documentation for existing programs. Perhaps a search for the right components for your design. Maybe debugging existing hardware or software which is not up to standard.

Whatever your engineering needs, Microtherm can do it!

Microprocessor-based Equipment Design

When Microtherm was founded in 1990, we perceived the future development in electrical engineering to be in the narrow area of micro-controllers. Eight years later , micro-controllers are common, if not instrumental, to the existence of most industries. The benefits of microcontrollers include small size and low cost in relation to alternative technologies. Our goal is to take advantage of this small size and low cost, as well as the power of the microprocessor, to create tools which will enhance a company's productivity. We can also take a customer's concept and transform it into a functional item ready for market.

     Custom Software Design

As the technology progressed and the use of microprocessors increased, microprocessor applications became more complex. Computer software to interface with the new designs became an instrumental tool for the use of microprocessor-based applications. Microtherm therefore expanded its services to provide software support for both customer-specific designs and stand-alone software packages. With over 22 years of programming experience, more than half of which is in the Windows environment, we are able to help our customers with almost any application in almost any industry.

Microtherm PalmWare and Peripherals Development

Palm devices are becoming increasingly popular. How can they help you? Microtherm can help.

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The newest in high-tech electronic devices is the Palm Pilot. Microtherm believes that Palm devices can help improve productivity by creating applications suited to the needs of individuals or companies such as:

Auto insurance accident scene appraisers

Warehouse inventory specialists

Construction foremen

Sales professionals

Microtherm can:

Write custom PalmWare specifically for your application.

Write code documentation.

Upgrade your software for your current needs.

Add-on development and support

We specialize in industrial control applications

We are fluent in Code Warrior® for Palm Computing® and Visual Basic for Windows CE

Turn-Key (Classic) Engineering and Design

Perhaps you have a great idea for a product that will revolutionize the world as we know it. Or perhaps you have an idea which will just make someone's life easier. Or maybe you want some cool widget, even though you know it's not commercial.

Microtherm can help.

We can take it step-by-step according to a pre-prepared statement of work. We can determine:

  1. Function Specifications
  2. Testing Criteria
  3. Component Research
  4. Preliminary Schematic
  5. Schematic Design
  6. PCB Layout (either PADS or Protel)
  7. Prototype Refinements
  8. Documentation

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Electronic Product Enhancement

Microtherm can also enhance your product. What can we do for you?
  • Reduce current draw
  • Research possible newly available or cheaper components
  • Implement isolation circuitry for product durability
  • Debug firmware and software code
  • Debug hardware circuitry
  • Optimize firmware and Software code
  • Improve/create documentation for future reference
  • Increase hardware capabilities
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Product Documentation

Have you ever had a product developed and later needed to make changes? Then it turns out that it is practically impossible to make the necessary changes because the proper documentation wasn't done. Frustrating, isn't it?

Something can be done. We realize that there may be a lot of cabalistic code in there but we can usually figure it out.

Microtherm can look at your existing code to determine to the best of our ability what each questionable line of code could be for, describing it for future reference.

We can even help you with documentation of your product before you run into problems.

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Embedded Systems Development

Microtherm, Inc. is an Engineering Services and products Development firm with extensive experience in precision temperature monitoring and process control systems.

We offer the latest in Embedded Systems Technology. Utilizing a variety of protocols, processors and languages we can find the right mix to fit your specific needs. Currently we are programming embedded systems and in:

  • ASIC
  • Assembler
  • C
  • Dallas i button Technologies
  • Motorola H68C11
With the above programming languages and protocols, you can:
  • Design new electronic products to your specifications
  • Refine existing products
  • Simplify existing circuits
  • Miniaturize existing circuits by converting to ASIC or SMD
  • Improve manufacturability
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Improve designs for ease of service or assembly
  • Identify and correct potential sourcing problems

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Automation Solutions

Based on past projects for customers, in addition to our own in-house products, Microtherm has gained expertise in a variety of network applications for process automation. We have designed systems using the following protocols:

  • RS-232
  • RS-485
  • RS-422
  • Powerline Communications
  • Optical Fiber
  • IRDA

Whether it be custom database, email, Internet, intranet, or off-the-shelf solutions integration, we will find the right "solution" to make your business more efficient.

We have designed automation packages for monitoring lighting systems, produce dryer systems, and refrigeration systems in addition to years of temperature monitoring and recording systems.

If you can think of a monitoring and/or control application we can probably do it. If not we can meet your design needs.

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At Microtherm® hardly anything escapes our engineering or artistic touch.

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