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MICROTHERM, INC. was founded in 1990 by John Atkins to perform electrical engineering and software design with a primary focus on designing specialized products to customer specifications. Our staff has varying backgrounds to give us an edge in the design process by allowing multiple perspectives for each project.

Our designers are experienced in full turn-key design of new products, specification writing and review, upgrading designs to a new revision level, simplifying existing circuit designs, and miniaturizing existing circuits by converting designs to use Surface Mount Device (SMD) components or an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC).

In addition to complete designs, we also make available our staff to help companies who need a designer for a short period of time to fill a specific need for a project.

We are also able to prototype products in short order, or small quantity productions. We also coordinate with contract manufacturing facilities to help those customers who would like larger quantites.

In any case, our experience in design for manufacturability makes your investment easily transportable to the fabricator or assembler of your choosing.

We look forward to supplying your design needs.


Technical Personnel

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Atkins, John
President, Lead Engineer
Guy, Martin
Design Engineer

John P. Atkins

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MS Charity Arrest - 99
President, Lead Engineer
BS, Mechanical Engineering; MS, Electrical Engineering
Full "turn key" design projects
ASIC development: Masked microprocessor experience
Fiber-Optic Data Transmission
Network Integration and Control Solutions
Programing languages:
  • C, C++
  • MS Professional Basic
  • Visual Basic
  • Assembler (6502, 6800, 6805, 6811, 8051)
Simulation tools: P-Spice circuit analysis
Schematic and PCB layout (PADS Version 2.1)
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Guy, Martin

Design Engineer,  Specialist
BS, Electrical Engineering

Programming languages:

  • C
  • MS Professional Basic
  • Visual Basic
  • Assembler (6805, 6811, TSS400, TMS370)
Schematic and PCB layout (PADS 2.1, Protel'99)
Database design and development
Motion/motor control
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Microtherm, Inc.
1020-B NW 6th St.
Gainesville, FL  32601

USA Toll Free: (800) 336-6649
Phone: (352) 336-6666
Fax: (954) 337-7786

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