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Turn-Key (Classic) Engineering and Design

Perhaps you have a great idea for a product that will revolutionize the world as we know it. Or perhaps you have an idea which will just make someone's life easier. Or maybe you want some cool widget, even though you know it's not commercial.

Microtherm can help.

Starting from scratch, we will take it step-by-step according to your Statement of Work or specifications, we will undertake the following tasks:

  1. Preliminary Function Specifications and Testing Criteria: Capacities and possible components for ultimate efficiency. Testing will be determined based on specifications of device.
  2. Research Components: Research specifications on components necessary to maximize microprocessor functions. Components will be selected with consideration as to cost, availability and suitability to this project.
  3. Preliminary Schematic: According to project specifications.
  4. Client Feedback: Initial discussion with the client to determine whether the schematic fulfills the project parameters.
  5. Schematic Design: Schematic capture in either PADS Ver.1.2 or Protel'99 with descriptions of components, their vendors and component footprints for easy layout and manufacture.
  6. Client Feedback: Second Customer verification of work.
  7. Order Component Parts: Procurement of parts in order to assemble prototype(s).
  8. PCB Layout: Layout PCB in PADS Ver. 2.1 or Protel'99 with respect to application requirements, location of I/O port, power supply connections and communication ports to be specified by you, the client.
  9. Client Feedback: Third Customer verification.
  10. Prototype Assembly: Manufacture working model of device for testing and refinements.
  11. Prototype Testing: Test prototype functionality based on Testing Criteria as designated in Task 1 and/or per your specs.
  12. Prototype Refinements: Implement changes in firmware, software, and/or hardware as needed to meet or exceed product specifications.
  13. Documentation: Turnover of all documents, assembly drawings and code pertinent to product development, testing and manufacturing (as requested).

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Electronic Product Enhancement

Microtherm can also enhance your product. What can we do for you?
  • Reduce current draw
  • Research possible newly available or cheaper components
  • Implement isolation circuitry for product durability
  • Debug firmware and software code
  • Debug hardware circuitry
  • Optimize firmware and Software code
  • Improve/create documentation for future reference
  • Increase hardware capabilities
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Product Documentation

Have you ever had a product developed, and then later you needed to make some changes to either hardware, firmware or software? Then it turns out that it is practically impossible to make the necessary changes because the proper documentation wasn't done....Frustrating, isn't it?

Something can be done. We realize that there may be a lot of cabalistic code in there but we can usually figure it out.

Microtherm can look at your existing code to determine to the best of our ability what each questionable line of code could be for, describing it for future reference.

Would that be helpful to you? Just contact us .

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