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The Microtherm OptiCure2000© Dryer Control System

The Microtherm OptiCure2000 (tm) Dryer Control System is a combination of electronic hardware and computer software for the purpose of monitoring and controlling temperature for produce dryers. Although originally designed for drying peanuts, it has also been used in the onions and tobacco industry.

Atkins Hand-held Digital Thermometers

Microtherm supplies hand-held digital thermocouple thermometers in a variety of thermocouple types for high speed accurate temperature measurements.

MC4-TH© Multichannel Thermometer

The Microtherm MC4-TH Multichannel Thermometer is a stand-alone 4-input thermometer with a 12 volt output alarm feature. It can be used in conjunction with the provided user software to continually monitor and log the temperatures read from the MC4-TH.

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