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"By coupling new skills and techniques with old, Microtherm masters Fiber-Optic network communications!"

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Embedded Systems Development

Microtherm, Inc. is an Engineering Services and products Development firm with extensive experience in precision temperature monitoring and process control systems.

We offer the latest in Embedded Systems Technology. Utilizing a variety of protocols, processors and languages we can find the right mix to fit your specific needs. Currently we are programming embedded systems and in:

  • ASIC
  • Assembler
  • C
  • Dallas ibutton Technologies
  • Motorola H68C11
With the above programming languages and protocols, you can:

  • Design new electronic products to your specifications
  • Refine existing products
  • Simplify existing circuits
  • Miniaturize existing circuits by converting to ASIC or SMD
  • Improve manufacturability
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Improve designs for ease of service or assembly
  • Identify and correct potential sourcing problems
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Automation Solutions

Based on past projects for customers, in addition to our own in-house products, Microtherm has gained expertise in a variety of network applications for process automation. We have designed systems using the following protocols:

  • RS-232
  • RS-485
  • RS-422
  • Powerline Communications
  • Plastic Optical Fiber Technology
  • IRDA

Whether it be custom database, email, Internet, intranet, or Off-the-Shelf solutions integration, we will find the right "solution" to make your business more efficient.

We have designed automation packages for monitoring lighting systems, produce dryer systems, and refrigeration systems in addition to years of temperature monitoring and recording systems.

If you can think of a monitoring and/or control application we can probably do it. If not we can find a way to meet your design needs.

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Contract Engineering

We know not everyone can allocate vast resources to meet their design needs. For those of you who can afford a full-service custom, classic engineering project, click here. For those of you who just need someone to work on a limited task, then read on.

Microtherm can also on a smaller scale. Perhaps you just need some simple VB programming, or maybe just some documentation for existing programs. Perhaps you need someone knowledgeable to find the right components for you. Maybe you have existing hardware or software that is not working up to your standard. We can fix that too.

Whatever your engineering needs, Microtherm can do it!

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