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Microprocessor-based Equipment Design

When Microtherm was founded in 1990, we perceived the future development in electrical engineering to be in the narrow area of micro-controllers. Eight years later , micro-controllers are common, if not instrumental, to the existence of most industries. The benefits of microcontrollers include small size and low cost in relation to alternative technologies. Our goal is to take advantage of this small size and low cost, as well as the power of the microprocessor, to create tools which will enhance a company's productivity. We can also take a customer's concept and transform it into a functional item ready for market.

Custom Software Design

As the technology progressed and the use of microprocessors increased, microprocessor applications became more complex. Computer software to interface with the new designs became an instrumental tool for the use of microprocessor-based applications. Microtherm therefore expanded its services to provide software support for both customer-specific designs and stand-alone software packages. With over 22 years of programming experience, more than half of which is in the Windows environment, we are able to help our customers with almost any application in almost any industry.

Specialty Soldering - Laptop Repair

Our highly trained technicians are skilled at all types of quality soldering and have all the equipment needed to do the job right. Microtherm's head Tech has been disassembling laptops and performing motherboard level soldering repairs for over 3 years with over 300 units refurbished. You can rest assured that if you have a soldering need, we can do it for you! 



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